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At Troostwijk it's all about value. We are a tech company specialized in sustainable trade, we are convinced that everything has value. You just have to find that value, recognize it and be able to cash it in. We do this through Intelligent Auctioning.

That is exactly what Troostwijk does. We bring buyers and sellers from all over the world together online. We value, provide advice and are Europe's largest B2B online auction house.

We have mastered that craft of valuation and auctioning to perfection for more than 90 years. Online auctions are a perfectly fast and transparent sales channel. Consider surplus stock, replacing machines or a location that is completely closed. We ensure the best revenue.

Value is also about people. For respect and trust. We believe that goods and products deserve a longer life than with the first owner. Nothing of value should be lost, that is what we think at Troostwijk. This is how we discover special items for buyers. We help salespeople make their business healthier. Fast and arranged from a to z.

We have been the trusted partner since 1930 with more than 350 European employees, local sector specialists with their own offices in many European countries, so we find the ideal buyer for your machine.

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